2021 GNBTC Grand Prix

In 2021, it was voted to keep the virtual model in place due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Any race run in person would also be acceptable for that month’s grand prix race. 

All other rules of the grand prix apply, those are:

  • Runners top 8 races will be counted toward the Grand Prix total.

  • Ironperson bonus – 5 additional points for running one race a month

  • Ironperson award – to those who complete one race per month 

  • Grand Prix award – to those who have the highest score in each age group male and female

  • Must be a member by June 1 of the year to be eligible.

  • Age groups will be determined by the runner’s age at the first race of the Grand Prix (January)

  • Age groups – 29 and under, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and over.

  • For those months in which multiple distances in the same event are offered, each event distance will be awarded points separately. 

  • Points are awarded as follows- 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, and 5.  Top GNBTC member listed in the results in each age group earns 10 points, the following GNBTC member in the age group earns 9 points, and so forth until reaching 5 points.  No runner will earn fewer than 5 points for completing a Grand Prix event.

  • Grand Prix finishers will earn a prize; Ironperson finishers will get an additional prize.  

  • If a runner completes all races options within a year, they will earn a sweatshirt, a windbreaker, and an individual free membership for the upcoming year. (does not apply due to COVID pandemic)

Due to state regulations being lifted as of May 29, 2021, the board voted to reinstate a pre covid grand prix model in hopes to create motivation and participation of its members.  This will be dubbed the “mini grand prix”.  July-December (6 months)

Members who have been completing the 2021 Grand Prix virtual or in person race of their choosing can incorporate this mini grand prix into his/her grand prix or continue with the virtual or in person race of their choosing for July-December.  Grand Prix will be scored in line with current rules above and runners will receive prizes based on those current rules.

The “mini grand prix” will be considered separate and those who complete a race per month (July-December) will be eligible for a prize at the annual GNBTC banquet (no points awarded, this is a completion task).  

Current Members as of June 1 are eligible for both Grand Prix and “mini grand prix” 

Current Members as of July 1 are eligible for the “mini grand prix”

“mini grand prix” – races will be an option of two in each month (July-December), only need to run one in that month to complete the task.  Those options will be voted on by the club members and the two mostly voted on races will be the ones decided for that month’s options. 

July to December Mini Grand Prix

JULY:  7/4 Somerset Ma, Billington 5k    7/23 Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler, Nargansett

AUGUST: 8/7 Little Compton Summer race 4.8 miles, Mattapoisett 5k 8/21

September : Finish for a Guiness 5k Warren RI, 9/5, Cape Cod Canal 10k 9/26

October: Newport Ocean Rd. 10k 10/3 , Colt State Park Half 10/31

November: MewsTavern 6.9 K  11-21 (Mews Tavern) ,Hanukkah and Latke 5k 11-28

December: Frosty Half 12-5  TARCC trail race 12-4

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