Slow Saturdays

Where: Meet at the Buttonwood Park Warming House parking lot

When: Saturday mornings starting May 13, 2017- 7:45 am for warm up, run starts at 8:00 am

What: A no-stress, non-competitive group run for all levels that is perfect for beginners!

  • No runner left behind- Group leader will always run with the last runner in the pack

  • Open distance- Run as many laps around Buttonwood park as desired. Buttonwood park is a 1.8 mile loop. Run one, two, three, whatever you need!

  • Pre-run warm up- dynamic stretching and light running-focused strength training exercises (lunges, squats, planks, etc) and will be led by an experienced runner

  • Group leader will share tips of form, pace, and training plans for races


If you are trying to make running a habit, already a runner looking for a friendly and welcoming group to join, or a slow runner who feels intimidated by fast-pace workouts, this is the weekly group run you’ve been waiting for! All are welcome- track club membership is not necessary. Whether your slow pace is 12:00/mile or 8:00/mile, please join us!


Why run slow?

Slow running, or running at an “easy” or conversational pace, has been linked to many benefits for all levels of runners. The pros of running at a conversational pace, according to RRCA, include:

  • Strengthens muscles in legs, torso and arms

  • Adapts tendons, ligaments, joints and bones to stress of running

  • Promotes efficient running form

  • Teaches patience, discipline and how to handle physical discomfort

  • Trains the cardiovascular, respiratory, and muscular systems to work more efficiently

  • Increases the quantity and size of mitochondria, improving oxygen use and glycogen stores

Running at a conversational pace for less than 45 minutes has the benefits of flushing waste from tired muscles and building strength without putting too much wear and tear on your body. Despite what some people might believe, running slow is not a waste of a workout. You might not be making gains in the speed department, but you are allowing your body to recover actively, which will help consolidate the gains you make during your weekly speed workouts.