2018 Pasta Run

Pasta Run


Try not to forget our club's Annual Pasta Run and meal at Elizabeth's Restaurant, 1Middle Street, Fairhaven. Gail Isaksen, our gracious hostess, always prepares a meal to delight any runner's palate. We begin our run over the Fairhaven Road Race course at 5:30 pm. Sharp! The club will supply water along the route. 'Carbos' will be served after the completion of the trial run. Gail would appreciate some sort of head count, so that she may plan the meal accordingly. If you plan  to attend, please call (508) 995-4239 or e-mail us at lcmwebster@comcast.net This is one of our club's 'top shelve' events. Try not to miss this one! Hope to see all of you on the evening of Monday, June 11. Don't forget to bring your running shoes and work your way to a craving appetite. I've already called and e-mailed to reserve my plate. But Mama Mia! Why haven't you?